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TECH SUPPORT is a professional Information Technology Company that provides customers with a high quality of IT consultancy, computer networking and IT services.

Our team is committed to providing the best IT support in improving the design, supplies, installs and support for IT infrastructure solutions that contribute to improve operational efficiency, productivity and resources into competitive advantage to identify new business opportunities.

We provide Computer Support across all Lebanon and The Middle East.

We utilize our experience and expertise in the networking industry to help you lower cost by leveraging new technology.

Through our in-depth knowledge of the business we serve, we aim at implementing the most advanced technology practices in order to drive your business efficiency and offer measurable value.
Our mission is to serve any client, whether it is a small organization or a big enterprise, with the most reliable technology resources while providing cost-effective solutions.

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Frequently asked Questions

How long will my computer take to repair?

If you visit our store, most repairs are undertaken within 24 – 48 hours subject to parts availability.

Will I lose any data from my computer/latptop?

We endeavor to keep all information intact, unless it is necessary to remove as a part of the repair. These repairs usually include software problems or liquid damage. If your data is particularly important please do let us know when you send in your device.

What kind of parts do you use for repairs?

We usually use 100% genuine parts where possible. If original parts are not available we will source the next best quality product only when necessary, and our customers will be notified of this.


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