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iMac Pro buyers will get space gray mouse and keyboard

iMac Pro buyers will get space gray mouse and keyboard

Apple’s latest desktop powerhouse is a pro variant of its all-in-one iMac, which will start shipping in December starting at $4,999. The device has all sorts of top-notch specs, including a Xeon processor that scales up to 18 cores and an all-new AMD Radeon Vega GPU.


But the computer’s most aesthetically pleasing perk happens to be an all-new space gray finish alongside space gray accessories, which we’ve never seen from Apple before. Unfortunately, the company says these new color options for the wireless Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, and Magic Keyboard will be restricted to buyers of the iMac Pro, according to 9to5Mac.


That’s a huge bummer, considering how sleek and much-needed a black option is. Of course, Apple has been known to take hardline stances on certain design aspects, choosing to restrict certain color choices to distinct price tiers. But this is a whole other level of unnecessary, especially when you factor in just how many customers would shell out for mice and keyboards in a color beyond bland Apple white.


Apple also confirmed to 9to5Mac that the iMac Pro will not have user-replaceable RAM, which is perhaps equally disappointing but much less surprising. The company currently allows users to replace the RAM on its 27-inch 5K iMac model, but not on the 21.5-inch one. So it’s pretty in line with Apple’s stance on part swapping to have gone the more restrictive route with the iMac Pro.


The good news: you can configure the device to have up to 128GB of ECC RAM (if you’re willing to spend a fortune), which is specifically designed to protect against data loss and corruption. The base model, however, will start at 32GB.


By Nick Statt