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Google removes Google One function

Google removes Google One function

In some situations, it may make sense to route your own data traffic through a VPN, which can increase security in public WiFi networks, for example, and such a system can also be more-or-less vital for the survival of opposition members in less democratic countries. Furthermore, VPNs also make it possible to simulate a different location for the website or service being accessed in order to circumvent geoblocking, for example.

Google offers such a VPN service with a fairly strong integration into its own ecosystem. Specifically, the service is part of the Google One package, which bundles various services such as a large online storage facility. The Google One VPN was launched in October 2020 and, as has just become known, will probably not reach its fourth birthday.

Google has announced that it will discontinue the service in the coming months, citing the low level of user interest as the reason behind this. By discontinuing the VPN, the corresponding team will be able to focus more on urgently requested features for Google One.

Google has not yet announced when exactly the feature will disappear. But the function will be retained for users of the Google Pixel 7 smartphones, as buyers of these smartphones were promised the functionality of the VPN service for a full five years, that is, until 2027. Existing Google One customers who no longer have access to the feature in future will have to look for a new VPN provider.