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Fingerprint Glass Door Lock

Fingerprint Glass Door Lock

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Fingerprint Glass Door Lock - No Drilling Required


General Specifications:

◆Big Capacity: 2000 Fingerprint, 1000 RFID card, 1000 Password.

◆Multiple Verification Mode: Fingerprint, RFID Card, Password or Combined.

◆Remote lock/unlock: Supports around 30m distance.

◆Support external emergency power input from USB.

◆User-friendly interface: 1.77 inch TFT screen and T9 touch board input.


The Fingerprint Glass Door Lock is fashionable, practical and compact.

It supports 2000 user capacity, including 2000 Fingerprint, 1000 RFID and 1000 Password.

You can unlock door by Fingerprint, RFID, Password and Remote Controller.

The lock also supports time attendance function.

Through USB ports, you can upload work schedule settings and download attendance reports conveniently.

It adopts 1.77″ TFT colorful screen, T9 input, touch keyboard with backlight, which offers a wonderful user-friendly interface.

Besides, it comes with embedded door bell and door sensor.

One of the biggest features on this lock is without drilling any holes, you can install it well on glass door within 10 minutes, a ground lock is needed for dual-open door


◆Multiple Verification Methos: Fingerprint, RFID, Password

◆1.77 inch TFT screen

◆Simple Time Attendance function

◆Embedded Door Bell

◆Remote Controller to lock and unlock


◆Display: 1.77 Inc h T F T LCD

◆Sensor: Advanced Optical Sensor

◆Material Lock: Zinc Alloy / Cylinder: Stainless Steel

◆Fingerprint Capacity : 2000

◆RFID Capacity: 1000

◆Password Capacity: 1000

◆Time Attendance: Yes, with SSR export NO/NC

◆Mode: NC (Default), NO (Manual Set)

◆Verification Speed: Less than 0.5s

◆Remote Controller: Yes (Optional)

◆Remote Control Distance: 20m (Max.)

◆Door Bell: Embedded

Glass Door Requirements:

◆Door thickness: 1-1.2cm

◆Door Gap: 0.5-1cm

◆Lock Body: Left or Right (Adjustable)

◆Operating Temperature: -20℃ to 45 ℃

◆Operating Humidity: 20% to 80%

◆Power Supply: DC 4.0 – 6.0V ( 4*1.5V AA Battery )

◆Working Current: ≤30 UA

◆Dimension (Lock Body): 180mm * 67mm * 65mm Gross

◆Weight: About 1.00KG

Available Colors: Black, Dark Grey